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Temperature Indicators(Tempil & Markal)

MarkingPenDepot offers Tempil and Markal temperature indicators, zinc galvanizing spray and anti splatter chemicals online. Tempil and Markal temperature indicators range from 125 deg to over 1800 deg. Use these fast and efficent markers to measure surface temperatures. Watch the on page video for a detailed explanation on how the Tempil markers work.

Tempil temperature indicators offer users a quick and easy method for reading temperatures by changing from solid to liquid at a specific temperature.

Magnaflux Spotcheck products are for checking the integrity of welds in the field. Use the combination cleaner, penetrant, developer system to analyze materials for microscopic cracks.  MarkingPenDepot stocks Magnaflux cleaner, penetrant and developer for in field weld inspection. We also stock 8 and 16 can kits that contain everything needed. Watch the on page video for a complete explanation on how the Magnaflux system works.
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Tempil Temperature Indicators
Tempil Temperature Indicator Markers.
MPD Price: Starting at $11.75
Tempil Temperature Indicator Markers.
Tempil Markers Are Available Ranges From 125 Deg F to 1800 Deg F
Heat Stick by Markal Get 33% More!
MPD Price: $9.95
Heat Stick by Markal Get 33% More!
33% bigger Thermomelt Temp Indicators
Bloxide Weldable Primer Aerosol
MPD Price: $36.99
Bloxide Weldable Primer Aerosol
Prevent rust and corrosion during long term storage and weld thru without removing
Tempilstik Test Kit Temp Ranges from 125 deg F to 800 deg F
MPD Price: $298.00
Tempilstik Test Kit Temp Ranges from 125 deg F to 800 deg F
Comes in a convenient holder for field use.
ZL 27A Aerosol 16 Oz
MPD Price: $16.00
ZL 27A Aerosol 16 Oz
Tempilaq Temperature Indicating Liquid
MPD Price: Starting at $19.95
Tempilaq Temperature Indicating Liquid
Give visual confirmation that a desired temperature has been reached. Available in temperature ranges from 300 deg to 1000 deg F. More temps available by special order.
IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer from Tempil
MPD Price: $159.99
IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer from Tempil
Accurately measure temperatures in a range from -76 deg F to 1157 deg F plus/minus 2 percent.
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