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Permanent Felt Tip Paint Marker Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which marker is best for marking oily and wet surfaces?

Answer: Oil creates a barrier that will not allow some paint markers to bond. Xylene is a common solvent in paint pens that cleans the surface as you put the mark down-allowing the paint to bond to a clean surface. Xylene also allows the marker to dry faster, write on wet and underwater surfaces and on frozen surfaces such as frosty windshields.

2. The nibs on my markers wear out before the paint is gone. Do you sell replacement nibs?

Answer. Yes, part number 99015 fits the MPD, MPD X, Dykem and Markal

3. Why are the MPD markers so inexpensive?

Answer. We designed this marker for large volume users and do not have features that are not necessary in a large factory setting: pocket clips, 4 color packaging, freigth from Asia, etc.

4. Which is the best marker for us?

Answer. All the brands we represent are very good products (or we wouldn't sell them). Most markers behave a little differently. We are happy to supply samples of several different brands for you to evaluate.

5. How is the chemical resistance of the "permanent" markers?

Answer. Most of the markers are resistant to acids, high ph solutions, grease and oil. Alcohol based cleaners such as brake cleaners remove or soften the marks because most are alcohol based. The most chemical resistant markers are The Pumper and Markal XT.

Permanent Solid Paint Markers

1. What surfaces will the solid paint markers work on?

Answer. Solid paint markers are ideal for rough surfaces like wood and concrete. Markal B and IMS X are excellent choices for general purpose marking on rough surfaces are and valued priced at $1.00-$1.25 each. This is a solid piece of paint that "cures" when applied. Marks are 1/2" wide.

Solid paint markers like Sakura, Quick Stik and Mean Streak are good for all surfaces including smooth surfaces such as glass and metal. Used properly, they work well underwater. Marks are very permanent but can be removed from smooth surfaces with a razor knife. Excellent for use in cold, wet weather.

Removable Markers

1. Removable markers can either be removed with water or high alkaline cleaners and window cleaners such as Windex. These markers are used for temporary marking such as steel prior to being plated, auto fenders and windshields in repair facilities and manufactured parts in process. Removable markers are available in felt tip (Autowriter, Sudz Off), solid marker (Markal Tradesmarker, Markal WS, Sakura WS, and Tradesmarker WS), and pencil form (Markal and Dixon china markers).

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