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AccuLube MQL Applicators

Acculube lubricant applicators apply a minute amount of high performance lubricant into the cut to eliminate heat before it begins. Boundary lubrication reduces friction and heat. Acculube eliminates flood coolants in some operations with a plant based lubricant and precision lubricant dispenser.

Mist is also eliminated by using a positive displacement pump capable of applying the high performance boundary lubricants on a continual basis at a very low rate.

MarkingPenDepot offers engineered lubricant systems from Acculube. Options include nozzle types, number of lubrication points, voltage, hose length, and lubricant reservoir size. MarkingPenDepot is one of the leading global supplier of engineering lubricant systems.

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Acclube 02A0-DMO
MPD Price: $1,592.15
Acclube 02A0-DMO
AccuLube 02A0 DMO is a two nozzle manually controlled unit with magnet mount and magnet mount Loc Line adjustable nozzles
Acculube 01A1 STD
MPD Price: $1,276.13
Acculube 01A1 STD
AccuLube 01A1-STD Nozzle Accu-Lube Pump Applicator: Electric Solenoid on/off control (110VAC) and Copper Nozzle
Acculube 01D0-CIR
MPD Price: $1,188.25
Acculube 01D0-CIR
AccuLube 01D0-CIR Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9878 Circular Saw Nozzle
Acculube 01D0-COP
MPD Price: $883.25
Acculube 01D0-COP
One Nozzle Junior Applicator with 12" copper nozzles (no magnet mount on applicator)
Acculube 01D0-NNZ
MPD Price: $1,175.25
Acculube 01D0-NNZ
Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9696 N-Nozzle for Band Saws
Acculube 01D0-SAW
MPD Price: $1,189.25
Acculube 01D0-SAW
Single Pump Jr. Applicator with 9692 Band Saw Nozzle
Acculube 01D0-STD & 02D0-STD
MPD Price: Starting at $883.25
Acculube 01D0-STD & 02D0-STD
One or Two Nozzle Accu-Lube Junior Lubricant Applicator with Flexible LocLine Nozzles
Acculube 02A0-STD
MPD Price: $1,432.15
Acculube 02A0-STD
Manual on/off control, Copper Nozzles
Accu-Lube 02A1-RLZ Applicator for Band Sawing
MPD Price: $1,752.15
Accu-Lube 02A1-RLZ Applicator for Band Sawing
Boxed two pump applicator for band saw with #9877 RL Nozzle,12' air/oil hose assembly, 10oz reservoir, 110VAC on/off control)
Acculube 02A1-STD
MPD Price: $1,593.77
Acculube 02A1-STD
TWO NOZZLE Solenoid operated (110VAC) lubricant system with copper nozzles.
Acculube 02A3-STD
MPD Price: $1,593.77
Acculube 02A3-STD
TWO NOZZLE Solenoid operated (24VAC) lubricant system with copper nozzles.
Accu-Lube 04AE, 4 Pump Applicator, electric on/off
MPD Price: $1,955.24
Accu-Lube 04AE, 4 Pump Applicator, electric on/off
Accu-Lube Applicator, 4 pump applicator system electric on/off control duel voltage compatible 24VDC and 110VAC
Custom Built Applicator Central Systems
MPD Price:
Custom Built Applicator Central Systems
For custom built applicators-requires nozzles, hoses, and resevoir specs
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