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Steel Tip Markers for High Temperature applications, Writes At All Angles!

MPD Price: $6.49
Manufacturer: Arro Mark
Type of Mark: Permanent
OSHA Compliant Placards: Yes
Temperature Range: Up to 2000 deg F

Product Options

Arro High Temp Colors:

Use for marking room temperature parts that will be exposed to high temperatures. 

The High Temp Mighty Marker contains paint specially formulated for non-porous surfaces like bare metal / cold rolled steel that reach temperatures of up to 2000F. Marks are permanent and become fused when heated. Perfect for glass, metal, and ceramics.

High Temperature markers are very specialized industrial products. Contrary to first glance, they are not meant mark surfaces while hot. Under no circumstance should you try this because it is dangerous, will damage your marking pen, and you will not get the mark you desire.

How to use the high temp markers properly in order to make the most permanent mark possible from our product line.

Marking should always be done on cool or room temperature metals, ceramics, or glass. The pens that we make make a mark that drys in 5 seconds or less, and once dry, will be taken up to 1000 degrees centigrade. Once the melting-point of the pigment is reached, it is then permanently fused to the metal. Because of this, it is arguable that the resulting mark is the most permanent and durable mark you can possibly get from our products. Once the pigments are fuzed to the metal they are indestructible and nothing can be done to get them off.


Additional Information

Material Safety Data Sheet Link

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Texpen Steel Tip Permanent Industrial Marker, Click To See Volume Discounts
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Texpen Steel Tip Permanent Industrial Marker, Click To See Volume Discounts
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